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World-class craft spirits, from a distillery far far away


Discover bespoke solutions at Galactic Spirits. Our distillery specializes in tailor-made contract distilling services, crafting custom spirits to meet your unique specifications and requirements. Elevate your brand with our personalized distillation expertise.

Private Labels



Elevate your brand with our bespoke distillation services, where we craft premium spirits customized to reflect your unique vision and identity. Explore a universe of possibilities with our private label offerings.









Fulfillment E-Commerce


Introducing seamless e-commerce fulfillment services tailored for the spirits industry. Streamline your online presence with our efficient and reliable fulfillment solutions, ensuring a smooth journey from our distillery to your customers’ doorstep. Experience hassle-free e-commerce operations with Galactic Spirits.



Recipe Development



Our expertise in crafting exceptional spirits extends to creatin

g innovative and distinctive recipes tailored to your exact preferences. Let us guide you through the art of crafting unique and unforgettable spirits.






Liquor Logic Software



Unleash the potential of your distillery with Liquor Logic by Galactic Spirits. Our cutting-edge software offers distilleries the freedom to optimize operations, streamline production, and enhance efficiency—all with a user-friendly interface. Revolutionize your distillery management with Liquor Logic, empowering you to craft success, one innovation at a time.







1. Briefing & Introduction


Join us and your team on an immersive journey at our captivating distillery. Experience an introduction to our intricate production process before delving into the art of crafting a bespoke spirit that intricately weaves your story into every sip.


Beginning with the selection of raw materials, access our extensive library boasting over 100 herbs. Together, we curate a blend that embodies your desired flavors or conceptual narrative. Distilling the essence of herbs from your garden for example…


Let’s craft a spirit that resonates with your story, from label to ingredients, culminating in a distinct name that encapsulates your brand’s essence.

2. Blending


Collaboratively, we embark on the art of blending—a delicate dance of a dash of this, a touch of that, adjusting proportions until perfection emerges. In a dedicated session lasting approximately 2 hours, we’ll expertly navigate the intricacies of flavor balance, guiding you through every step.


Together, we’ll meticulously craft and fine-tune the flavors, ensuring each element harmonizes seamlessly within the bottle. Once we’ve achieved the ideal recipe, we culminate with an exciting finale—a final test to witness your spirits shine in a cocktail. Experience the transformative magic of your creation as it unfolds in a perfectly crafted drink.

3. Design


Explore our diverse array of bottle options, ranging from 50 ml to 750 ml. Following the selection, we advice on the artistic journey on a distinctive label that encapsulates the essence of your creation.

Crafting a label that benefits your premium spirit is an art in itself. Our guidance extends to the realm of creativity, advising on elements like the exquisite use of foil, embossing techniques, etc.

Let’s elevate your spirit’s presentation to a new level of sophistication. Experience the artistry of creating a label that exudes class and individuality—because a classy spirit deserves nothing less. Let the glitz and glamour unfold!


4. Production


Upon finalizing the perfected recipe, our production journey commences. Precisely weighed herbs are delicately infused into alcohol, initiating the intricate process. Batch distillation, conducted in volumes of 200 liters or more (consult us for details), becomes the stage where we meticulously separate delicate aromas from harsh ones, carefully discarding the initial and final fractions.


This refined essence is then brought to its optimal drinking strength, swiftly rendering the alcohol ready for bottling. However, spirits like rum or brandy require a more extended period of maturation before reaching their full potential, allowing for a nuanced and enriched flavor profile to develop.

5. Delivery


Upon your approval of the test runs for both the recipe and the label, our efficient bottling and delivery process swings into action, ensuring your spirits are ready for distribution in approximately 14 days. Whether you require a modest quantity or a larger batch, we accommodate your needs seamlessly.


After delivery, the reins are in your hands. Take charge of your crafted spirits and embark on your journey to introduce them to the world.

With Galactic Spirits, you’ll experience a seamless journey from concept to distribution. Our comprehensive services ensure your spirit reaches new heights of excellence. Contact us today to embark on an extraordinary spirits-making adventure!