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World-class craft spirits, from a distillery far far away

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Gordon’s Bay, Western Cape, Galactic Spirits took flight in 2022 as a boutique distillery dedicated to crafting exceptional artisanal liquor.


Our passion lies in meticulously handcrafting small batches of premium spirits that exude unparalleled uniqueness, firmly placing quality above quantity. It all began with an ardent aspiration to break free from the norm and set new benchmarks among renowned brands.


Driven by this vision, our relentless team worked tirelessly to establish what is now our esteemed Premium & First Range—a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence.


With a diverse array of offerings, our product range caters to a spectrum of tastes, whether your preference veers towards the opulent or the refined, ensuring a truly exquisite experience for every palate.


Galactic Spirits proudly stands as a pioneering force in South Africa’s handcrafted spirits industry, boasting a celestial lineage from a distillery beyond the ordinary. While our footprint thrives in South Africa, servicing retail outlets, online platforms, liquor shops, and esteemed restaurants and bars, our ambition propels us to extend our reach to infinity and beyond.


Embark on an odyssey into the realm of craft spirits with us. Beyond our expertise in producing distinctive small-batch spirits, we also curate immersive gin workshops where individuals craft their own signature blends.


Complementing this experience, we offer a suite of industry-tailored services, encompassing contract distilling and e-commerce fulfillment, catering to the diverse needs of the spirits landscape.


For inquiries or to delve deeper into our universe of spirits, reach out to us at info@galacticspirits.co.za & Join us on this celestial journey of spirit-making!